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Point of Know Return - Botta Back to Blogging

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about the surprise resignation of Chris Botta, the New York Islanders PR guy and creator of the infamous "NY Islanders Blog Box".

Botta, affectionately dubbed "The Blogfather" by Islanders bloggers, used to post articles regularly on his own blog named "NY Islanders, Point Blank". Of course that blog died a natural death when the PR guy left his position.

Or did it?

Well, Botta is back to blogging and apparently his blog, "NY Islanders Point Blank." has been resurrected as well. But this time instead of posting from the friendly, (and probably restricted) confines of the Islanders server, his daily journal is now totally independent.

This could get interesting.

Chris has offered to answer any and all questions, and he has had some doozies. My question would have been, does he think that the Islanders will continue with the "Blog Box". Someone else beat me to the punch and asked the same question.

Botta's response, (in summary), was that he not only thinks that they will continue with the innovative idea, but they will probably expand it. That's great news for Islanders fans and their citizen journalists.

The rebirth of "NYI Point Blank" gives the ex-PR guy the perfect opportunity to throw his old employer under the bus, but so far he has not done so. He's had nothing but positive things to say about owner Charles Wang and GM Garth Snow.

Which leads to yet another question, although quite personal. Why did he resign?