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Eye of the Tiger - Top 10 Reasons Why Hockey is Better Than Golf

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It was reported the other day that when asked about the Stanley Cup Finals, Tiger Woods said that he "doesn't think anyone watches hockey anymore."

Bad answer, Tiger. It's a shame that you just dissed a sport which has so many athletes who love to play yours.

Here are Bubba's top ten reasons why golf takes a back seat to hockey.


10. Hockey has better bloggers than golf.

9. Hockey players don't whine, cry, and pout if a fan or photographer snaps a picture during their backswing.

8. Hockey isn't postponed because of slightly inclement weather.

7. Lots of hockey players can play golf, but how many golfers can play hockey?

6. How many putts do you think a golfer could make if their opponent was trying to block their shot while they were shooting?

5. Hockey fans get to cheer, yell, boo, and carry on throughout a game. How long do you think it would be tolerated if golf fans synchronized a chant..... TIGER......TIGER......TIGER......YOU SUCK!!

4. When is the last time a golfer broke a nose or lost teeth during play, but came back to finish the match?

3. Most hockey players are classy and would never intentionally disrespect an entire sport and it's fanbase when asked a simple question.

2. There is no penalty box in golf for unruly behavior.

and the number one reason?

1. The NHL has Gary Bettman, Colin Campbell, and the best officiating in all of sports!

(Okay, would you believe 9 out of 10 reasons?)