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Hurricanes Sign Patrick Eaves

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The Carolina Hurricanes signed 24 year old, Patrick Eaves to a 3 year deal this morning. The contract will pay the young forward 1.1M in the first year, 1.4 in the second, and 1.7 in the third. Eaves spent much of last year hurt, but the Canes are obviously counting on him to revert back to his rookie year production when he scored 20 goals in just 58 games for Ottawa.

This is a good siging for Jim Rutherford. Next up, Tuomo Ruutu, Chad LaRose, Dennis Seidenberg, and Tim Gleason.


In other brief news, Luke posted an article on LSB from the National Post which talks about billionaire Jim Balsillie's repeated attempts to purchase an NHL team. The Carolina Hurricanes were one of the teams mentioned.

Let's face it, who wouldn't want to buy the Hurricanes? If I had the money, I would want to buy the team myself. The confusing thing about the article to me though is that when the author (Theresa Tedesco) asks Balsillie's advisor, Richard Rodier, for the specific teams that were targeted, Rodier declines to identify them.

But in the very next paragraph, the writer mentions that 8 teams were supposedly inquired about, then names a few of them. (all southern US teams of course, besides Buffalo). But she fails to inform her readers where she got the specific team information from. Did she just pull them out of thin air, or did she just assume that all southern hockey markets were in trouble and threw some names out which fit what most Canadians would love to hear?

Another day and another Canadian article questioning the viability of hockey in the South. Nothing new.