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Wind of Change - Rowe and Daniels Switch Positions


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The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that Albany Head Coach, Tom Rowe would be joining the Hurricanes staff in Raleigh, changing places with assistant coach Jeff Daniels, who will be taking Rowe's position as head coach for the River Rats.

This move makes good sense in that it should help both men to gain experience that they need to further their careers.

Daniels can now see what it's like to call all of the shots, even if it is at the AHL level. He's a true, blue, loyal company man and is sure to do whatever is asked of him by the parent club while he is in Albany.

I had a feeling that Tom Rowe was someone that Carolina management had an eye on during the unusual period of "estrangement" with head coach Peter Laviolette right after the season ended. Could this move bring Laviolette's possible successor right along side of him, putting even more pressure on the coach to perform successfully right from the start of the season?

Some fresh ideas can't hurt and I see this as a good move, but Peter Laviolette's hot seat just got a bit hotter.

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