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Strange Brew - Weird Timing of Coaches Hired and Fired

There were a couple of transactions announced yesterday in the NHL where the timing (sort of) defied logic.

First of all, the Toronto Maple Leafs officially announced the hiring of Ron Wilson as their new head coach. Wilson was just fired from the same position in San Jose a couple of weeks ago.

What makes the timing of this signing questionable is the fact the the Maple Leafs have been shopping for a new General Manager for awhile now. They supposedly fired their last coach, Paul Maurice, so that a new GM could choose his own man. What happened to change that thought process?

As I mentioned in a previous posting, this is kind of like putting the cart before the horse. That is, unless there are other plans in motion. Some fans, like Canes Country reader, Jay Bear, think that interim General Manager Cliff Fletcher already has someone in mind to take over his duties.

The word "collusion" is being thrown around because many think that the Leafs have made some type of behind the scenes deal with Brian Burke, who is currently under contract with the Ducks. This could be a very interesting story to watch unfold. If Burke is eventually hired for the position, watch the accusations and lawsuits fly. Only in Leafland....

In another somewhat surprising move, the Los Angeles Kings fired their head coach, Marc Crawford. I think the timing of this decision is weird in that it was announced just a week before the NHL Draft. Why not fire him a month ago?

Perhaps another coach that they want just became available, like John Tortorella?

Finally, the Atlanta Thrashers apparently have someone in mind to fill their open coaching position. It was reported that they have narrowed their choices and will definitely make a selection before the Draft. Listed possibilities include: Todd McLellan, John Anderson, and Brad McCrimmon. Or General Manager Don Waddell said that he could pick someone completely off the charts within the next few days, who knows? Maybe another name will pop into his head.

Eric Clapton