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Back in the Saddle Again - Jason Karmanos Rejoins Hurricanes

It was announced this morning that Jason Karmanos returned to the Carolina Hurricanes and was named Executive Director of Hockey Operations. Karmanos had previously served as Assistant General Manager, a post that Ron Francis holds now.

According to General Manager Jim Rutherford, the duo will be sharing duties and there is plenty of work to go around. The News and Observer has the details here.

This should be a good combination as Karmanos can concentrate on the administrative problems while Francis can focus on the player issues, which is probably in tune with both of their strengths.


Speaking of the News and Observer, Lord Stanley's Blog has moved. The relocation happened to be on the same day that the publication announced significant job cuts and reassignments. For instance, they will be combining sports departments and the sports editor will now be located in Charlotte.

Will this affect the fine hockey coverage that we all have been accustomed to? The hockey coverage in the Charlotte Observer has been non-existent. Canes Country will be watching this closely.


The draft is fast approaching and everyone is wondering what the Canes will do. I will make a posting with my thoughts and give some feedback regarding the multitude of rumors out there, late tonight.