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Pro Writers Support Champion of Bloggers

I always thought that professional writers and journalists hated the notion of sharing the pressbox with bloggers? Apparently, that is a misconception.

The Washington Capitals Media Relation staff recently won the Dick Dillman award, an honor which recognizes the best media relations staff in the Eastern Conference. The award is bestowed by the Professional Hockey Writers Association.

Seems like a contradiction, doesn't it?

The Capitals are the most blogger friendly media group in the entire NHL. But if perception was true, it would seem more likely that they would be the last people on earth voted for by professional hockey writers.

Instead, this is their second consecutive award.

Congratulations to Nate Ewell, Paul Rovnak, and the rest of the staff. Also, kudos to owner Ted Leonsis, who helped to create and promote the blog friendly environment at the Verizon Center.

Hopefully, other NHL teams will follow this successful example of how bloggers can co-exist with professional writers in the pressbox.