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Ruutu on Board for 1 Year

Tuomo Ruutu accepted his qualifying offer of 2.25 million and is officially on board the Canes Train for at least one more year. While both sides were hoping for a longer term deal, at least this agreement avoids the arbitration mess and allows both sides to regroup for next season.

Ruutu is certainly still a trade possibility, although I don't think that he is at the top of the "to go" list. Time will tell on that matter.

I wonder if brother Jarko is still on the wishlist for management? The evil brother is more of a loose cannon than Tuomo is, but "Team Ruutu" would be fun to watch.

LSB is also reporting that Jeff Hamilton and David Tanabe joined the ranks of Ray Emery and cleared waivers. No surprise there.


I've gotten a couple of emails asking this. Tuomo will still be a restricted free agent at the end of this season, so the Canes will still have his rights at the end of the contract.