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This Ain't The Summer of Love - Buyouts, Qualifying Offers, and more

In stark contrast to Carolina's Summer of 2006 when all contract negotiations seemed to go smoothly, players were re-signed without any hitches, coach's contracts were extended, and love was in the air, so far the Summer of 2008 has had a couple of buyouts, minimum qualifying offers, a disputed buyout, and the inability to make a meaningful trade.

The good news is, it's still early.

It's been reported that the Jeff Hamilton buyout was completed, but as predicted the David Tanabe buyout is being contested. Although, it sounds like General Manager Jim Rutherford has softened his original stance a bit.

"If there are issues from an injury point of view, that's something that we'll have to take under consideration." Rutherford acknowledged.

There are some who feel that Tanabe is trying to pull a fast one here, but I have no idea why a player would attempt to fake long term repercussions from a concussion. In essence, you would intentionally be killing your NHL career. But who knows? Either way you look at it, you can put a fork in Tanabe, his career is done.

Hopefully, a fair decision will be reached for everyone concerned.

It was also reported that the Hurricanes made minimum qualifying offers to all of their RFA's except for goalie Kevin Nastiuk. Of course this includes Chad LaRose and Dennis Seidenberg. Those two players could accept the offers on July 1st binding them to a one year contract, or they can file for arbitration if they don't get any offer sheets from other teams.

The other RFA's are-

  • Joey Mormina

  • Tim Conboy

  • Mark Flood

  • Joe Jensen

  • Brandon Nolan

  • Pat Dwyer

In other news, apparently the Hurricanes set the market for the right to negotiate with 4rth line enforcers. Phoenix traded a 5th round pick to Ottawa for rights to Brian McGratton. One could argue that Hordichuk is worth more than McGratton, although both of their salaries were similar.

Will the Coyotes have better luck signing him than the Canes did with Darcy?

In news that will "thrill" many in the Caniac Nation, prepare yourselves to see a lot more of Vincent Lecavalier. The superstar forward signed a nine year deal for 77 million dollars with Tampa Bay. You can criticize those new owners all you want to, but they seem pretty serious about winning down there.

Speaking of buyouts, the Maple Leafs continue with the gutting of their old roster. Kyle Wellwood was put on waivers as a prelude to a buyout, but was claimed by Vancouver. Andrew Raycroft is gone, and last but not least, bad boy Darcy Tucker was put on waivers as well.

Tucker certainly won't be at a loss for teams to play for. It will be very interesting to see what kind of team the Leafs can put on the ice next year. What's next, will they bring back Jeff O'Neill?

Nope, I think that ship has sailed.

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