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The Big Money - Reviewing Day One of "Crazy Daze"

Some NHL players must have felt like they just won the lottery yesterday. Let's take a quick look around and review some of the deals finalized on day one. Agents are still partying as we speak.

  • Green signs in Washington for 21M over 4 years. (good deal for both sides)

  • Stuart signs in Detroit for 15M over 4 years. (again, good deal for both sides)

  • Dupuis signs in Pittsburgh for 4.2M over 3 years. (I thought the Pens didn't care for Pascal?)

  • Perry signs in Anaheim for 26.6M over 5 years. (I wonder how much Eric Staal is worth?)

  • Vrbata signs in Tampa for 9M over 3 years. (Is Radim that much improved? I doubt it.)

  • Theodore signs in Washington for 9M over 2 years. (I don't know, Jose can be a real "head" case...*L*)

  • Finger signs in Toronto for 14M over 4 years. (HUH? At least Fletcher won't be around for this kid's buyout)

  • Stillman signs in Florida for 10.6M over 3 years. (Cory deserved more than his 1.75 in Carolina, but this is an overpay I think)

  • Huet signs in Chicago for 16.875M for 4 years. (this deal is slightly cheaper per year than Theodore's, so Washington must not have wanted to tie Huet up that long. Fine, I'd rather see Theodore in Washington than Huet.

  • Tucker signs in Colorado for 4.5M over 2 years. (nice to see the Devil in the West now)

  • Kolzig signs in Tampa for 1.5M over 1 year. (this might be trouble, for Washington)

  • Lalime signs in Buffalo for 2M over 2 years. (This is it for the Sabres big day? LOL)

  • Campbell signs in Chicago for 56.8M over 8 years. (no words for this one. We will see)

  • Commodore signs in Columbus for 18.75M over 5 years. (God Bless you Mike, you just won the Lotto)

  • Rolston signs in New Jersey for 20.25M over 4 years. (Better in NJ than Tampa)

  • Hordichuk signs in Vancouver for ? over 2 years. (whatever)

  • Rozsival signs in NYR for 20M over 4 years. (price of defensemen is going up)

  • Holik signs in NJ for 2.5M over 1 year. (nostalgia counts for something I guess)

  • Redden signs in NYR for 39M over 6 years. (overpaying is typical for NY)

  • Streit signs in NYI for 20.5M over 5 years. (doesn't seem like a bad deal)

  • Ryder signs in Boston for 12M over 3 years. (Hab floater now floats in Beantown for more money)

The Hurricanes re-signed Ryan Bayda, Wade Brookbank, and Tim Conboy, rewarding the players for their hard work last year. (Conboy got 2 years). Dennis Seidenberg and Chad LaRose are still on the outside looking in.

Jim Rutherford said that the team has offered LaRose a contract, but it has not been accepted yet. We will see how that works out.

Anton Babchuk was signed to a one year contract worth 1M. Hopefully he comes back to Raleigh ready for action.

Rutherford also said that another defenseman is yet to be signed, and a different defenseman might be moved.

Of course, Joni Pitkanen has to be signed as well.

JR is trying to keep the budget around 45-46M, which will be difficult. That is much lower than the 50M that Canes Country was projecting earlier this week.

With defensemen like Finger and Commodore receiving contracts at or near 4M per year, does the Carolina GM honestly think that he can sign Joni Pitkanen for less?