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Q&A with Brandon Sutter

I was able to attend the prospects practice session at the Rec Zone on Thursday night. They spent about an hour doing various drills under the guidance of Ron Francis, Tom Barrasso, Jeff Daniels, and Kevin McCarthy. With the best of intentions I brought a new video camera with me, but was unable to get any decent footage. Perhaps with more practice, next time I'll have better luck. (Photographer, I am not)

After the practice was over and the worn out skaters left the ice, the Hurricanes opened up the dressingroom to the media and there was a brief time allowed for some questions. Many thanks to the Hurricanes media relations staff for allowing Canes Country access to this session. Also, a big thank you to the players for taking the time to answer all of the questions thrown at them.

I had an opportunity for four quick interviews. First, we will start out with Brandon Sutter-

CC-Do you feel any extra pressure having to live up to the family name?

BS- No, not at all. I just think that I am another player, like everyone else. My family has helped me with a lot of things growing up, and I try to use that to my advantage, but like I said I'm just another player out there.

CC- There has been a bit of a debate among some Hurricanes fans about your development. Some say that you would be better off going back to Red Deer for another year, but others say that playing in the NHL would be better, even if it is playing fewer minutes on the 4rth line. What do you think would be best for your development?

BS- Well, I want to make the team, that's my goal. I can't see a better way to develop than playing in the NHL. I think that I have done all that I can to get here, but it's kind of a tough situation. This is not an easy team to make, by any means. I'm going to come to camp and try my best to make it and leave it up to them to decide. If something happens that I don't, then I'm willing to do whatever is best for my development and the team.

CC- Do you have any superstitions, or specific things that you do before every game?

BS- I'm not very superstitious, no. Everyone has a routine in terms of what you eat and when you sleep, and what you do when you get to the rink. But, I try to leave myself open to about anything. I just try to stay loose and get myself ready.

CC- What has been the highlight of your career so far?

BS- Well, obviously being drafted, that was very special. That was a dream come true. In terms of on-ice, coming to camp last year was a lot of fun and I got to play in the World Junior Championships last year and that was amazing.