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Bridge Over Troubled Water - Cancelled for Today

Bomani Jones of 850 The Buzz, has cancelled his proposed Canes and Community information segment on his radio show this afternoon. Stay tuned for when it will be rescheduled. It seems that "Bo" has exchanged a ton of emails with some of the imaginary hockey fans, that can't be found in this area.

Seriously, I have exchanged a couple of emails myself with the walking controversy and he does have a heart, even if it doesn't seem like it. I have a good feeling that he will reschedule the segment when the timing is a bit better.

Speaking of "troubled water", Canes Country has had some serious technical difficulties of late. It seems that we are "CPU Hogs", even though I have no idea how that is happening. People are working on the problem, so please bear with me as we fumble our way through it. It wouldn't surpise me if some hacker inserted another script somewhere which is messing up the site. We had over 1,000 spam messages alone yesterday, but I'm told that has nothing to do with the problem. We will see. In the meantime, if you get the CPU error message, please try back again in a few minutes.

And you thought running a hockey blog was easy?


Looking at some brief Hurricanes news, there is a short article in a Thunder Bay publication indicating that Eric Staal is fired up for the upcoming season.

Luke is reporting that the Hurricanes are losing one of their scouts. Anyone need a part-time job? The pay isn't good, but you get to watch a ton of hockey and travel to your heart's content.

While we are on that topic, the Hurricanes are advertising on for a "Corporate Sales Rep". They need someone to create relationships to sell suite opportunities and to do a bit of marketing. Sounds like a healthy challenge.

Speaking of the job market, Mike Sundheim recently posted on his blog that the Canes were also looking for interns.

That's it for this afternoon. I'll have information about tomorrow's "Fun Fest" later tonight.