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Canes Country Joins Local Blogging Community

Earlier this week I was invited to a "Blogger's Bash" by some nice folk who are on the blogroll. I attended, thinking that it would be a good chance to see a couple of the people whom I had been corresponding with, as well as to meet some of the other bloggers in town. (It had nothing to do with the free beer and barbecue.)

The Wednesday night affair, which was held at the Edge Office on Glenwood, was very well attended and very informative. During the festivities, Wayne Sutton and Ginny Skalski announced the launching of a brand new website called, "30". Wayne and Ginny's creation is a melting pot of sorts for blogs in the triangle area. It appears to be a cross between a blogroll, RSS feeder, and a headline news aggregate.

Canes Country is very happy to be a part of it.

For more information you can check out the website itself, (link above or on the left sidebar under "Local Interest",) and/or watch the video up on I took a couple of pictures, but if you are interested in seeing more and you take the time to look a bit on their website, you'll find better ones.

It was fun to meet the people whom I chatted with and hopefully we can do something like this again soon.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the Big Boss Brewing Company for supplying refreshments. I had a couple glasses of the "Angry Angel", and that's some good stuff.


New site announcement

Bloggers mingling

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