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Into the Big Time

Back in 1986 singer/songwriter Peter Gabriel released the song "Big Time," and since I'm joining the big time by blogging here on Canes Country, I thought I'd start my time here the same way Gabriel did in his hit more than 20 years ago:

"Hi there!"

Bubba, having read my work on as the site's Canes writer, e-mailed me a little more than a week ago about contributing to Canes Country. After meeting and talking over a beer or two, we realized our reasons for covering the Hurricanes are similar: neither of us are out to ruthlessly tear down a franchise we both enjoy following, and we're certainly not writing about hockey for the money.

So after a quick chat, we decided we'd move forward and I would try and help Bubba in any way I can, be it more prospect coverage like I do on Hockey's Future, weighing in on the day's hot topic, relaying to the readers the human interest stories that make sports what they are, or — from time to time — letting you know what's sticking in my craw.

A little background on me: I was born and raised in the Northeast (not that far from Hartford) and went to college in Central New York, serving two years as my college newspaper's editor in chief. While working toward my journalism degree, I watched endless hours of hockey (we got CBC and, therefore, "Hockey Night in Canada" in the dorms) and even interned briefly for a now-defunct United Hockey League team.

I moved to the Triangle with my fiancée (now wife) in 2000 and have worked as an editor, writer and magazine designer over the past eight-plus years. My career has consisted of time working at a daily newspaper, on the Web and at a sports publishing company.

Like I mentioned earlier, my main interest is looking at the big stories around hockey — certainly with a focus on Carolina — and examining the human side of sports. Does that mean my posts will always be cheery, "rah-rah — Go Canes!" entries? No, certainly not. Sports wouldn't be sports without controversy, character flaws and catastrophes. But in most instances, I watch sports and athletes to enjoy them, not to rake them over the coals.

I think Bubba does an amazing job staying on top of Canes news here, and in my opinion he's doing it the right way. I hope I can come close to living up to what he's built here and everyone enjoys my contributions. I also certainly welcome your comments and e-mails.

In closing, I'll again let Gabriel speak for me: "I'm on my way, I'm making it ... Big Time!"