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Introducing a New Contributor - Cory Lavalette

In my quest for Canes Country to be the best blog that it can be, it's always been my intent to eventually have a couple of other writers contribute to the site. I certainly haven't been beating down the bushes looking for people, but the concept has been on my mind.

A few weeks ago before the prospect camp, I was searching for information about the prospects so that I could prepare an article here on Canes Country and I came across Cory Lavalette's name on Hockey's, the primary source for prospect information on the web. Come to find out, Cory is local and he is the resident expert on Carolina's prospects.

Thinking to myself that with his knowledge he might be a good candidate to bring to Canes Country, I contacted Cory and met with him over a beer or two and we both decided to give this idea a shot. (I promised not to hold it against him that he has a degree in journalism and I do not.)

I believe that Cory will help add to the site's growth, knowledge, and readership. Hopefully, Canes Country will be busier and better than ever.

Good luck Cory!