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The Long Run - Changes and News Briefs

Some of you may have noticed different screens showing up here at the Canes Country Blog over the past day or two. I decided to change webhosts and the transition was a bit bumpy. The good news is, the complete database made it to the new server intact and everything still works. (huge sigh of relief...) The CPU error messages and other error messages should now be a thing of the past.

The bad news is, there are still more changes to come. I have not given up on finding a new template, so there is a major renovation coming soon for the overall look of the blog. The intention is to make things more uniform and easier to find, plus we want to have the ability to add more features that this older template doesn't offer. Also, the comment function is troublesome for many. Readers have left quite a few comments in recent months, but we still get complaints that some people are unable to leave comments. Obviously, we want that aspect of the site to be top notch if at all possible.

In the long run, hopefully everyone will be pleased with the final results and I can get back to writing instead of spending so much time being a webmaster.


Now for a brief look at the news.....

LSB quotes a Newsday article mentioning that Paul Maurice is one the final three candidates to replace Ted Nolan on Long Island. Canes Country said within a week after Nolan "resigned" that Maurice would be in the thick if things. The ex-Canes and Leafs coach would probably be a perfect match to lead the youth movement in New York. For that reason, Garth Snow will probably pick Bob Hartley.

LSB also mentions an article in the Buffalo News concerning Kevyn Adams and his quest for another NHL contract. Chicago is still very much an option, but as I mentioned previously they have salary issues. It doesn't seem likely that they will start the season with two very highly paid goaltenders. But who wants to take on Khabibulin's 6.75 million dollar salary, even if it is just for one more year? The Hawks might need a bit of luck in moving him.

Adams was always a well-liked player here at Carolina. One of my fondest memories of him was when he joined a few fans who were tailgating in the RBC parkinglot back in early October of 2004, on the date the NHL season should have started but didn't because of the lockout. The Canes NHLPA player's rep, (at that time), commiserated with fans and had a couple of brews with them as well. Now there is a player fans can identify with.

I'm a little surprised that Buffalo doesn't make a play for Adams, seeing that he's a local boy and all.


Fellow THN blogger Patrick Hoffman decided to spend some time with the brain-trust behind the Puck Daddy blog, Greg Wyshynski. I was thinking of interviewing the popular blogger myself, but perhaps I'll start a "Who's your Puck Daddy" photoshop contest instead.

In the meantime, Puck Daddy examines why the NHLPA is thinking about how to improve the current CBA. With the minimum salary cap now higher than the max was just three years ago, (40M) it's hard to believe that the players would have an issue with this CBA, but who knows?


Finally, a friend at On Frozen Pond recently wrote an article about how the Washington Capitals should consider wearing team USA jerseys for their game on February 22, 2009, against the Penguins. The date commemorates the 29th anniversary of the "Miracle on Ice."

Somehow, I doubt that Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, and Sergei Fedorov would want to wear USA jerseys to celebrate a loss by their fellow countrymen, nor would most Americans want players who normally don Russian red, wearing those big, special capital letters on their chests, unless those players plan on becoming US citizens sometime soon. The Caps just don't strike me as being "America's Team", even if they do reside in the Nation's Capital. Sorry, but bad idea pucksandbooks.

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