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Islanders Bloggers Interview Doug Weight

Islanders Blog Box mainstays, Dee Karl and BD Gallof interviewed Doug Weight over the weekend and put the session up on "You Tube". Weight has certainly not lost his sense of humor as he "guarantees" a 6 and 0 record against the Rangers this year, (then asks if the recorder is on). Classic stuff.

Gallof also does a nice job on his blog of analyzing the ongoing decision regarding choosing the next Islanders head coach. I still think that Snow will choose Hartley.


Spector has a very good feature up on Fox Sports about shooting down goofy rumors. It seems that some bloggers/webmasters are so desperate to keep the hits coming on their websites that they will even resort to making up trash just to keep the traffic coming. In case you were wondering, that means Marian Gaborik will not be coming to Carolina anytime soon.


On LSB, fans recently chose the all-time best Hurricanes team. Arturs Irbe was the selection in goal. Irbe was certainly not the biggest goalie around. Okay, as a matter of fact he was a pretty small dude. It makes you wonder just how well he would have performed if he was forced to use smaller pads. The NHL is considering making goalies use "proportionate sizing" for their equipment. This means that the diminutive goalies will take up even less space in net.

James Mirtle analyzes the proposal in a recent article.

More about who I think deserves to be on the All-time Hurricanes team a bit later.


On The Hockey News site, I recently posted an article about the Hurricanes forwards. If interested, you can check that out here.