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Versus- One and Done for Carolina

Versus released their hockey schedule yesterday, and surprise, surprise, the Hurricanes only have one game listed which will be televised nationally.

Let me tell you why that can be a good thing.

Remember last year, (if my memory serves me correctly), Versus held the rights to the Hurricanes home opener. But for whatever reason they chose to televise their alternate game. Since Versus owned the rights to that broadcast, Fox could not televise the game, even if they wanted to. So what happened? Much to the chagrin of fans, the home opener didn't get televised at all.

I can't help but think that the fewer Hurricanes games Versus owns the rights to, the better off local fans will be. If they hold the rights to a game in mid-season but televise the alternate game instead, fans would be unable to see the Hurricanes game even on Center Ice.

It does stink for out of town fans without Center Ice though.


According to this Durham Bulls blogger, apparently Chad LaRose had a tough time with the opening pitch last night at the DBAP. "One of the players threw out the first ball, and almost took out a little girl who was going to play the violin for the National Anthem".

Poor Chad.