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Quick Hits for Monday Afternoon

Just a couple of quickies....

The NY Islanders have come out with an interesting new concept. They are marketing a package of games called the "Victory Plan" where they offer free tickets to subsequent games if the Islanders win the first game played of a set. For instance, the first game of the selected four game set is against the Penguins on November 26th. If the Islanders win that game, they will give free tickets to the Washington game on December 16th.

The other possible free games include contests against the Bruins, Kings, and Montreal. (Didn't the Islanders brass get the memo about how popular mid-week games are against the storied Habs?) Take note that all possible free games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Puck Daddy has his take here, while James Mirtle weighs in on his site as well. At least fans will have a vested interest in cheering loudly at those games! You have the give the Islanders some credit. They seem to be the most creative franchise in the league right now. Hopefully, that will eventually translate to more tickets sold.


Lord Eklund has his latest flurry of trade rumors posted and one of them has Justin Williams going to Vancouver for Kevin Bieska and other players to be named later. This rumor might have had legs a month or so ago, before Erik Cole was traded for Joni Pitkanen. But there is no way that the Canes will want to part with another 30 goal scorer for yet another defenseman. Even if they threw Frank Kaberle in the deal, that would still give them eight defensemen under contract, not counting Casey Borer who could sneak into the mix as well. It also doesn't solve the budget problem. The idea makes no sense to me.

Mark that one up as regurgitated garbage, in my opinion.


Finally, Chad LaRose got some Puck Daddy love today. Of course, it's hard to tell whether Greg Wyshynski is making fun of him or praising him, but any publicity is good publicity. Word of warning for those who might not be aware, don't rile up the "Chuck Norris of Hockey".

Good advice from Puck Daddy, though. Better keep LaRose off the ice while Katherine Fritsch sings the anthem!

(PS- Thanks Greg, for the multiple links back to Canes Country in the article)