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Quick Look Around - Justin Peters Interviewed by Rats

The River Rats media people have done a very nice job of interviewing team members during this offseason. This week their subject was goalie Justin Peters. The youngster started off in Albany last year, only to be sent to Florida to play for the Everblades shortly afterwards. Instead of sulking and feeling sorry for himself, Peters played very well for the ECHL squad and earned himself the opportunity to fight for the starting job in Albany once again.

A couple of interview highlights-

Peters apparently scored a goal once in his juniors career while playing in net. He prides himself on being a good stickhandler. He's also been seeing a sports psychologist and feels much stronger mentally than he has the past couple of seasons.

Chip Alexander had a couple of brief entries over at Lord Stanley's Blog today. First off, apparently, Jim Rutherford confirmed that Zac Dalpe is indeed going to Ohio State this year. There had been some speculation that he might end up playing for the Canes unofficial junior affiliate, the Plymouth Whalers, but it seems like the contract terms offered by Rutherford were not good enough to sway Dalpe away from college life. (Rutherford did mention offering him a contract)

The forward's overall development would probably be better served in Plymouth because he would playing more games during the season there. But the most important thing is the youngster's happiness. If he's happy going to OSU, then we wish him the best. He'll have plenty of time to play more games in the future.

Finally, for those of you wanting to update your schedules, take note that there was a change in the starting time of the game against the Leafs, on January 15th. It will be moved back until 7:30 to accomodate a Canadian broadcast.