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Contraction Talk - Stupid is as Stupid Does

Some yahoo over at Yahoo seems to have a bit of an infatuation with contraction.

The controversy started when the NHL editor for Yahoo Sports, Ross McKeon suggested to contract the entire Southeast Division, as well as Nashville in his "5 ways to change the NHL" contribution at the Puck Daddy blog. At the time, I just thought that it was a lame attempt at some "tongue in cheek" humor, and I disregarded it.

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis didn't find it humorous. He ripped apart McKeon in his blog and carried on with numerous reasons why contraction would never happen, and why it was a bad idea. End of story, right? Wrong.

McKeon came back yet again with another article, which attempted to make his original nonsense, less nonsensical. It didn't work. After admitting that there was no way in the world that the NHL would contract, (no duh), he went on giving his brilliant reasoning why it still made sense. Sorry McKeon, but your logic is unsound. There is no guarantee that the product would be any better on the ice with fewer players and fewer teams, and the chance that it might be is not worth facing the countless negative aspects of contraction. Aspects, which you don't even bother to address.

Here are a couple of facts McKeon might not be aware of. The world's population is growing every minute of every day. Out of this growing population, more and more people are playing hockey and they are faster, stronger, and more skilled than ever before. This isn't the 70's anymore.

Puck Daddy editor, Greg Wyshynski made an attempt at damage control a bit later, posting an article stating that he did not believe in contraction, but he disagreed with some of Leonsis' arguments. Then he went on to give his opinion about the hockey market in Washington. (good stuff)

Wyshynski might be better served to put a gag order on his boss and keep him from posting anymore absurdity on the blog. McKeon isn't funny, he's not the best of writers, and his subject matter just seems dumb. The yahoo's time would be better served cropping off headshots of Gary Bettman and pasting them on the bodies of the 100 plus NHL players whose jobs he wants to eliminate.

(Bubba's attempt at "tongue in cheek" humor)


I recently posted a new article over on The Hockey News blog. It goes into a bit of detail about ticket pricing around the league, while examining who has the least expensive tickets.

(spoiler) Next time a Buffalo fan brags to you about how many times the HSBC has sold out, ask them why they have the cheapest tickets in the league.


I'm going out of town for a long weekend. While I plan to have my laptop so that I can check in from time to time, Cory will be looking for and reporting any breaking news. (if there is any)