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Season Tickets in the Mail?

Carolina Hurricanes season ticketholders received some important information yesterday. First off, the exchange games were announced along with the rules of how the exchanges will work. Be careful Caniacs, if your tickets are more than two months old and haven't been exchanged yet, they will be worthless. Last year, more than a few fans were caught letting the date slip further than they were allowed. (myself included).

This link will lead you to the page with all of the exchange information.

Also, the Hurricanes released information about how the new voucher program will work. Free ticket vouchers were given to each season ticketholder, the number based upon which plan they selected. The good news is that the vouchers can be used for opening night. The bad news is that they can not be used for the Detroit game or the game against Edmonton, when Erik Cole will return to town. In total, season ticketholders will be restricted from using the vouchers for five games during the season.

For information about the voucher system, check this link.

The next big question is, when will the tickets and vouchers arrive? At times in the past, they have been sent dangerously close to when the exhibition season started, leaving some fans sweating until the very last minute. Hopefully this time they are in the mail, or will be sent soon. Caps and Lightning fans have already received theirs.


In other brief news, Bob Lazzari, from the Connecticut Valley Times and NY Sports Day, congratulates Johnny Gill on his blog for accepting a sales position with the Carolina Hurricanes. Gill formerly worked for the Connecticut Defenders minor league baseball team. We join Lazzari in wishing Gill the best of luck.


Finally, Robert Slaney, an undrafted forward who played for Cape Breton last season, has received an invitation to attend Carolina's training camp this year. The 19 year-old had 26 goals and 29 assists last year. He also represented Canada in the World Junior Ball Championships during this offseason and scored the game winner for the home team as they defeated Slovakia in the finals.

We look forward to watching Robert try to impress the Hurricanes coaching staff here in a couple of weeks. "The Compass" has more information at their site.

The Canes should be releasing a complete listing of players who will be attending camp fairly soon. When they release the information, we will be sure to post the data here.