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A Face In The Crowd - 59 to Attend Training Camp

The Carolina Hurricanes released their training camp roster and schedule today. Camp looks to be a bit crowded as a total of 59 players have been invited. Things get started with physicals and photo sessions on Friday, Sepember 19th.

After that, the players will be divided into 3 groups and will practice in "A", "B", and "C" sessions. That doesn't leave much time to prepare for the upcoming Red/White scrimmage on September 21st. The Canes website gives a complete listing of players invited, which includes 6 goalies, 18 defensemen, and 35 forwards.

Of course Albany's players will be here along with 6 free agent tryouts which include, Jeff O'Neill, Brett Theberge, Ryan Weston, Benn Olson, Ryan McGinnis, and David Leggio.

It seems that Robert Slaney has been signed by Albany, so technically he will not be here on a tryout as we reported here yesterday, although he will still be here.

Time is getting short and obviously we will be watching things very closely here on the blog.


Tom Petty