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The Flag Flies Sept. 10

The Hurricanes long-awaited third jersey will be unveiled to the public Sept. 10 at a 12:30 p.m. news conference that will be open to the media and public. According to the news release, the Canes will wear the alternates — rumored to be black jerseys with the team's secondary flag logo as the crest — 15 times at home in 2008-09, debuting them Oct. 13 against the Red Wings. The "models" for the Sept. 10 event will be Eric Staal, Tim Gleason and Cam Ward.

Many of the league's teams will have third jerseys this year, and surely some will feature a team's current secondary logo. So which do you think are the best in the league? How about the worst?

Among the best, in my opinion, are the Blackhawks, Avalanche, and the Wild.

The worst? Phoenix's Disco Dog is listed among their current alternate logos (in their defense, so is a cartoon Stormy). Luckily, the Coyotes sport this on their shoulder instead — simple, but not great. Also, Darcy Regier must've designed the Sabres' second logo himself — how else does one explain him falling on his sword over and over again as players leave Buffalo for greener pastures?