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Training Camp Opens, Busy Weekend Ahead

Training camp officially opened for the Carolina Hurricanes today as players had mandatory physicals and also took part in photo-shoots. Ice sessions begin tomorrow morning, as the players will be divided into three groups. Each group is scheduled for 90 minutes on the ice and will take part in other workouts when not on the ice.

Unfortunately, practice tomorrow is closed to the public because the NC State football game is starting at noon, and that event will tie up all available parking places around the RBC as well as the surrounding areas. There is another practice on Sunday morning which is also listed as closed to the public. But, fear not Caniacs. The annual Caniac Carnival is also this Sunday and it will feature the Red/White scrimmage beginning at 3PM. The scrimmage should be more exciting than ever because of the positions available right now. Remember, it is free to the general public.

The Hurricanes recently released additional information regarding the Carnival, including some surprises. Not only can fans win autographs, they could even win a chance to meet players after the game.

Can't make it to the Carnival or scrimmage? If you are near a computer, check out Canes Country. Cory and I will be trying something new, (for us), the art of "live-blogging". Obviously, there will not be any television coverage of the scrimmage, nor will there be radio play-by-play. So we thought it would be interesting to try to cover the scrimmage, "live" on the blog.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, the text from the "blogcast" will be saved on the blog posting for reading later on. So, if you miss the scrimmage and can't be near a computer on Sunday afternoon, you can still read all about it later. If you can get online, feel free to log in and ask questions or make comments during the scrimmage as well. Of course it will be difficult to type fast enough to cover everything, but we will do the best we can.

I'll have more information about that as we approach Sunday afternoon.