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Vets Shine in Scrimmage

You could tell the players who have been around a bit from the youngsters yesterday, as the experienced skaters pretty much dominated the red/white scrimmage at the RBC on Sunday afternoon. Dan LaCouture earned first star honors with two goals and an assist. His linemate for most of the game, Dwight Helminen was the third star with a goal and an assist. Both forwards played in Europe last season and are fighting to make their way back to the NHL.

Defenseman, Dennis Seidenberg was second star as he added three assists.

LaCouture is in Raleigh on a tryout basis. When asked about this opportunity after the scrimmage, he was quoted as saying "he wanted this in the worst way". He certainly played like it.

Of course, another player in town on a tryout is Jeff O'Neill. After a bit of a slow start, it seemed like O'Neill played pretty well. He had a steal, scored a goal, and threw his body around a bit. The former Hurricane centered a line with Drayson Bowman and Jerome Samson.

Jakub Petruzalek stood out for the white team.

Cory and I did our best to "call" the game on a "Live Blog". If you would like to see a recap, you can check out this link. Obviously, things were happening faster than we could type, but we did the best we could.

Paul Branecky has a good recap of the scrimmage here.

After the scrimmage, I was able to make my way to the dressingroom where I took some footage at the end of a Jeff O'Neill interview.



I'm sure that Cory will have more to add. I plan on making it to a practice session or two on Tuesday.