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Canes Try Again this Afternoon

After another exhibition loss yesterday by a score of 4-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers, the Hurricanes will try once again to earn their first preseason victory, today at 3PM at the RBC. Their opponent will be none other than those same Flyers, as the teams complete the back end of a home and home, consecutive game series. This will be the fourth game in five days for Carolina.

Expect to see number 12 roaming the ice for the Hurricanes, as Eric Staal will crack the lineup for the very first time this season. I would also expect to see Michael Leighton in goal, but at this point the official lineup has not yet been given.

Yesterday's game had some good play as well as bad. The team got off to a slow start again and fell behind 3-0, before scoring a goal late in the first period. Special teams still need a lot of work as the Flyers scored two short-handed goals as well as a power play tally.

The Canes effort looked pretty good for most of the game, and they did try to make a contest of it. But they still need to do better if they expect to start winning some games.

Regardless of the wins and losses so far in the preseason, the injury situation is most bothersome, and I will try to get more information about that later today.

((update)) --Chip just posted an injury update on LSB. Conboy joins the walking wounded.