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Rutherford to Change Training Methods in Carolina

Hurricanes General Manager, Jim Rutherford is mandating change regarding the way Carolina players train off the ice. In a recent interview with TSN's Darren Dreger, Rutherford says that any off-ice testing that increases the heart rate and puts stress on the body will no longer be allowed by the organization.

"Their bodies are screaming out, this is too much," Rutherford said. "They're working out all the time, it's like we're training for the Olympics."

The GM is calling for Head Trainer, Pete Friesen to research a new training system for individual athletes. He wants older players to have one regiment, and younger players to have a different one. He no longer wants them to participate in any off-ice testing which could lead to injury.

Obviously, Justin Williams' most recent injury, which happened during an off-ice work out session before training camp started, precipitated Rutherford's involvement and change of heart. Immediately after the incident, he had said that he didn't believe all the organization's injuries and health issues were simply a matter of "bad luck".

Of course, injuries are nothing new to this franchise. We posted an article related to the subject right here on Canes Country just a few days ago and speculated that some of the players were "over-training" which could have contributed to some injuries. Apparently, Hurricanes management agrees.

Now it's up to Pete Friesen to find a happy medium. Can he keep the players fit without over-doing it?