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Beautiful Day

And so it begins.....

Tonight the Hurricanes take on the Panthers, and the season's long journey will be underway. I am taking time off from the day job for the next few days, so that I can do some serious blogging.

This morning, the plan is to venture to the RBC to watch the morning skate, (which technically does not exist), and will also attempt to get a couple of interviews.

In the afternoon the articles will be coming "fast and furious".

First of all, Cory and I will post our picks for the Southeast Division, (and of course in typical "Canes Clash" fashion, we do not agree on the outcome). Then, I will post my morning news from the RBC here and at The Hockey News blog. We will also be posting the lineups for both the Panthers and the Canes and will discuss anything else that comes up. In the meantime if anyone has questions or remarks, I'll be hanging out on the blog most of the afternoon. Just leave a comment and I will respond. If enough of you are hanging around, maybe we'll get some good chatter going, who knows?

I'll also be working the game and will try to give a couple of "live" updates for those of you who can't be at the rink. Cory may join in as well.