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Broadcasters Take Center Stage

Hurricanes broadcasters, John Forslund and Chuck Kaiton will both be front and center reporting for local news sources again this year.

Kaiton is the Hockey Hall of Fame voice of the Canes and can be found doing radio play-by-play on 99.9 FM, "The Fan". But rival, "850 The Buzz" has also enlisted Kaiton's services for their pre-game "Stormfront" show. Here is some information from a recent press release from the station:

Sports Radio 850 The Buzz – WRBZ and 620 The Bull – ESPN Radio have renewed an agreement with Hall-of-Fame radio play-by-play voice of the Carolina Hurricanes, Chuck Kaiton, to provide insight and commentary for the 2008/2009 NHL season.

Kaiton will be heard during 850 The Buzz’s "Stormfront" pre-game program prior to each Carolina Hurricanes home game. Additionally, he will join Adam Gold and Joe Ovies weekday mornings following a Carolina Hurricanes game.
"The Buzz" will also keep airing their postgame show, "The Aftermath" after home games, but they have not made an announcement about who the host might be. Previous host, Chris Clark was let go from the station a few weeks ago.

The flagship station of the Hurricanes, "The Fan" will continue to have pregame and postgame shows hosted by Mike Maniscalco. The station has enlisted the services of the television play-by-play man, John Forslund.

The competition is great for fans and great for the team. Maybe later in the season we will run a poll here to see which show readers prefer. Until then, best of luck to both stations.