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Canes Anthem Singer Joins Walking Wounded

The high number of injured players for the Carolina Hurricanes has been well documented, but now someone related to the team also recently took a hit. Nine year-old anthem singer Katherine Fritsch fractured her heel while playing soccer on Saturday.

Even though she was injured, I'm told that Katherine insisted that she could still sing the anthem on Monday night. She asked the folk at Raleigh Orthopedic to give her a red and black cast so that she could support the club by donning team colors while her ailment heals.

"KK" will be wearing the cast and using crutches to get around for the next 3 to 6 weeks.

I would like to wish her a speedy recovery from everyone here at Canes Country and congratulate her on her fine performance Monday night, even while standing in discomfort. She displayed a true "Hurricanes Spirit" for taking the ice and giving it her all, even though she wasn't feeling 100%.

Way to go "KK"!

Some fans with good memories might remember a story about Chad LaRose during the offseason and another anthem performer. The Hurricanes winger threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Durham Bulls game back in August, and unceremoniously over-threw the catcher and hit a young girl with the ball who was ready to perform the "national anthem" with her violin.

While the girl wasn't hurt, LaRose took a ribbing from Yahoo Sports "Puck Daddy Blog" editor, Greg Wyshynski, who advised that LaRose should stay away from "KK" while she is ready to perform and linked back to a Canes Country article in his warning.

I should email Wyshynski and assure him that Chad LaRose had nothing to do with this injury.


In other news, one of our regular readers here at Canes Country recently was selected as USA Today's "POP Candy" "Reader of the Day". Our friend of the blog calls himself "neaux" and he has own interesting website here.

I found out about this honor because "neaux" listed Canes Country as one of his favorite websites, (out of just two others), and we have had a slew of recent visitors from USA Today. First, let me welcome the new visitors and invite you to come back again. Perhaps you can be converted into Hurricanes fans?

I would also like to congratulate "neaux" and thank him for listing Canes Country as one of his favorite sites. We appreciate your support!