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Boychuk Sent to Juniors, What's Next?

The Carolina Hurricanes just sent a news release that rookie, Zach Boychuk will be returned to his juniors team. General Manager Jim Rutherford had the following to say:

This has been a good experience for Zach. Despite the fact that he was recovering from hand surgery, his play progressed very well. Another year of junior hockey will be good for his development."

Boychuk's departure leaves the Hurricanes down a forward, unless Ruutu is ready to play. Even if the Finn is ready to play again, the team needs an extra forward in case of future injuries.

Could this mean that a trade is imminent, or will the team make a recall from Albany? Dwight Helminen is the leading scorer at the moment for the Rats, (2 goals, 2 assists).

Would the Canes be willing to sign a currently unsigned free agent? Mark Parrish probably burned his chance when he turned down a preseason try-out offer. Brendan Shanahan probably wants too much money.

The rumor world says that the team might pick up Matt Pettinger from Vancouver. (Spector's Hockey) The only problem is that I don't see Pettinger's name on the roster. Apparently the ex-Capital didn't make the team ?

Just recently, I read an article about Martin Gelinas. The ex-Hurricane is working out, keeping in shape, and is still looking for a home. He would probably be a better option than Pettinger.

The Canes need a servicable forward. What would you do?