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More On Sutter

Some more information is trickling out on the injury to Brandon Sutter.

Fire & Ice, a Devils blog, has some quotes from Sutter's father, New Jersey coach Brent Sutter, some of which are disturbing:


Sutter said his son did not recognize him at first.

"He kept asking the (Hurricanes) trainer questions," Sutter said. "He said, 'what was the score tonight? Who did we play?' He slept a little bit and woke up and said, 'Dad! What are you doing here?'"


Brandon has improved, according to Fire & Ice's comments from the elder Sutter, and Brent commended the Canes on their handling of the injury.

On more note: is reporting that Sutter is returning to Raleigh by train because the team doesn't want him to fly.

Again, here's to hoping Brandon makes a full and speedy recovery.