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Canes Country Ticket Giveaway

Would anyone like free tickets to a Hurricanes game?

If you are lucky, you could win a pair right here at Canes County. We have decided to have a contest and this is how it will work.

From time to time we will be giving readers a chance to earn "Canes Country Points". You could earn these points by answering certain trivia questions. You might be awarded points by guessing about some oddball question that we happen to ask within a typical article. You might even be able to earn them by predicting the final outcome of a game.

All you have to do is to read the blog, look for specifically marked questions, and leave your answer as a reply in the comment section of that article. People who answer correctly will be awarded the specified points. The first person to reach 100 Canes Country Points will win the tickets.

If you win points but end up missing out on the tickets, fear not. Your points can be used for future contests. The winner will need to use his/her points to acquire the tickets, so they will need to start over. But people with accumulated, unused points will not lose them. We might not be giving away tickets each time, but we will be continuing with some type of meaningful giveaway.

There will be a "Contests" link in the menu at the top of the blog that you can click to check on the status of the current giveaway.

The specific prize for contest number one? Two tickets in the club level, section 202, row B for the game on December 16th against the Montreal Canadiens.

Any questions, just ask. Good luck and have fun!