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Canes Country Points - Final Score for Friday Night

Here is your next opportunity to earn points for free tickets.

(We will try to keep these questions separate from the primary content so that people don't have to scroll through 40 or 50 guesses as they look for legitimate comments about the games.)

The Canes are in Atlanta to play the Thrashers tonight. If you can guess who will win along with the final score, you will earn 10 points and be that much closer to watching the Canes play Montreal from the club level on December 16th. Remember you can choose any score you want, even if it is already taken. There can be multiple winners for this event.

Right now there are four people tied with 10 points each, so the contest is still wide open.

Just post your guesses in the comments section below. Entries are limited to one per user and will not be counted if submitted after the puck drops. (7:30)

Check here for more information.


I'll have a game preview up later in the morning.