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Canes Country Points - Montreal at Carolina

It's time again for readers to take another shot at earning points toward free tickets. Tonight Montreal is in town to take on Carolina, but instead of guessing about the final score like we have done in the past, we will try something different for this game.

Guess which Carolina player will score first in tonight's contest, and win 10 points.

Again you can choose anyone you would like, even if someone else has already chosen that player ahead of you. If you think that the Canes will be shutout and no one will score, simply say "shutout" and you will win if you are correct.

One entry per user ID and all entries must be posted by game time.

For more information and a listing of current standings, check out this link.


As usual, the game preview will be posted after lunch. There is no local television broadcast for this matchup, so I will be making "live updates" from the rink between periods again tonight. If you are online, feel free to drop in and make comments or ask questions.


Last night, I was interviewed by a French journalist/blogger who had some intelligent questions to ask about the Hurricanes. I answered the best that I could, even if it wasn't in French.

Check that out here.