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Intermission Game Chatter - Habs and Canes

First Intermission-

Canes 0 - Habs 0

So far so good for the Canes. They seem to have the jump and have controlled time of possession. Currently out-shooting Habs 18-8. Staal hit the post on one shot during an early powerplay. The lines so far-

  • 12/15/14

  • 17/13/24

  • 8/18/59

  • 16/44/28

  • 6/77

  • 25/4

  • 7/33

They must have told Samsonov to shoot, he took a couple of early shots. Ruutu had a huge hit and leads team with 2 so far.

Nice link from a Habs fan for free live streaming of the game.

Second Intermission-

Habs 1 - Canes 0

Whoops, did I forget to mention that Ryan Bayda took a penalty with four seconds left in the first period? The Canes started the second period on the kill and Robert Lang fired one in from point blank as the Habs took advantage of the situation.

The rest of the period has been a parade to the penalty box by the Canes. Not sure what that is all about, but the kill has looked good led by rookie Brandon Sutter. Number 16 was even put out by his coach on a short 5-on-3 Montreal advantage. Sutter's active stick swiped the puck over the blueline, he out-raced the Hab to the puck, and was about to make a move on Price before he was taken down by the Montreal pursuit.

A total of five minor penalties by the Canes in the period. Hopefully the refs will even it up a bit in the third.

Canes 28 shots on goal to the Canadiens 20

Final - Canes 2 Habs 1

The Hurricanes poured it on in the third period and never stopped skating. It was one of their best efforts of the season. Even after they took the lead, they kept the pressure on instead of sitting back like many times in the past.

Samsonov got his first goal of the season to tie it up and "The Wizard" got the game-winner. As I mentioned in the first intermission, number 14 was shooting more in this game than in the past and ended up with six shots on goal.

Carolina ended up with a total of 48 SOG compared to 29 for Montreal.

I'll have a game recap with some interviews later tonight.