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Canes Country Partners with Legends Autographs

We are pleased to announce another sponsor for the site- Legends Autographs, from Clayton, North Carolina. Legends specializes in exactly what their title indicates, autographs from a variety of different sports celebrities, of course including the Carolina Hurricanes.

Not only do they sell autographs and memorabilia, they also hold several autograph sessions a year, or "signings", which are open to the public. The next one coming up is being held for none other than Hockey Hall of Fame announcer, Chuck Kaiton.

Kaiton, certainly a legend in his own right, will be on site for free autographs on December 5th, from 6:30 to 8PM. For more information you can check their website,, call them at 1-800-943-1399, or email them at A link to their site can also be found on the right sidebar.

After the tickets are given away in our current contest, the folk at Legends have kindly offered up the next prize to be given away for the next lucky reader who earns the most Canes Country Points. More about how that will work later.