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Canes Country Points - Phoenix at Carolina

Here's another chance to win points toward the free tickets. (If you are new and have not heard about this before, check out this link).

Guess the first Cane to score in Friday night's game against the Coyotes. Once again there can be multiple winners, so choose any player you want, even if someone else has already selected him.

Each winner will get 10 points.

Entries must be submitted by game time.



Since the "Great One" is in the house, how about a little trivia thrown in? Which ex-Hurricane was involved in the trade which sent Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles? First correct answer will earn an extra 10 points.

Speaking of Gretzky, he offers an annual fantasy camp for "Average Joe" hockey players who want to share the ice with a few legends. The cost is only $10,999, (or you can hang out as a guest for a mere $1,499), so when your spouse or significant other asks you what you want as a gift this season, put that on your wish list.

Too bad there isn't a Chad LaRose fantasy camp in Raleigh.