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Quick Hits for Tuesday Morning

The rumor mill is churning and the Hurricanes are involved. The Toronto Sun is reporting that Carolina is trying to dump salary and that the team is supposedly making Frank Kaberle, Patrick Eaves, and Joe Corvo available. The Fourth Period is reporting the same story, but they are quoting the Ottawa Sun as their source.

This story might be somewhat believable if "The Sun" was not mentioned. It sounds like Bruce Garrioch is up to his old tricks, trying to dump on Joe Corvo and now ex-Senator, Patrick Eaves as well. Of course Eaves has been a disappointment, but it's funny how Garrioch always seems to pick on ex-Senators to include in his rumor fodder and he's been trying to grind an ax with Corvo ever since the defenseman left last season.

Since "The Sun" is the named source regarding this, it lacks any credibility even if it is true.

(glove-tap to Rick for the email)


Chip quoted an interesting article over on LSB from the Sports Business Journal that the Hurricanes brand strength index had increased over 16% during the past calendar year. According to the journal, it was the fourth highest increase in all of sports and the second highest in the NHL.

Puck Daddy also ran the story and mentioned how the Canes were ranked 20th overall.

I'm not sure how significant this is over the grand scheme of things, but the folk at 1400 Edward Mills Road have got to be thrilled with any positive news right now.

This blog's readership continues to grow by leaps and bounds as well. I guess it goes to show that there are plenty of Carolina fans out there, even if some of the games are not televised.

Are you paying attention NHL?


Finally, I recently received an email from a Canes Country reader sharing information about how to listen to the online feed of Hurricanes games, on your IPhone. Here are the directions-

Download the free iPhone app FStream.

Create a "Favorite" for 99.9 The Fan in FStream and add its streaming-audio link. mms://

Enter FStream’s "More" option and turn OFF "Don’t use cellular network" if you want to listen to the broadcast when not connected via a wireless internet connection.

Personally, I don't have an IPhone, but hopefully this information will help those of you who do.

(glove-tap to Rollcage for sending this)