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Canes Country Points - Canes at Flyers

Time once again to try to win points for tickets. We are getting pretty close to the date the tickets need to be used, (12/16) so if someone has not reached 100 points after Saturday night's game, we will take the highest number at that time.

The good news is, several people are getting close. Jonathan has 80, Andrea, David (small font), JBoy, Mikey, and bleedblackred each have 60, and a few have 50.

After the winner has been determined, I will leave the tickets at will call for them to pick up. (or we can make other arrangements).

Let's continue on like before with the same questions for a possible 50 points. (10 points for each correct answer)

  1. Guess the Hurricane who scores first

  2. Guess the Hurricane who is called for the first penalty

  3. Guess the Hurricane who is credited with the most hits

  4. Guess which team will win

  5. Guess the final score