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The Return of Canes Country Points - Devils at Canes

Time for another chance to win free tickets. Once again these are club level seats up for grabs, this time in Section 201, row C for the game on January 29th against Tampa Bay.

If you participated before, your old points will count toward this contest as well. But to keep interest going for new folk and to give them a chance, we are upping the total needed to win this time to 150 points.

For more information and to see the current tally of points, check out this page. If you don't have any points yet, now is the time to start participating. There will be future contests and prizes ahead. Congratulations to our last winner Jonathan, but he has used his 100 points and will start at zero.

Let's start this off again right now. Get 10 points for each correct answer.

  1. Guess the Hurricane who scores first

  2. Guess the Hurricane who is called for the first penalty

  3. Guess the Hurricane who is credited with the most hits

  4. Guess which team will win

  5. Guess the final score