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Canes Country Points - Sudden Death

We are getting to crunch time regarding the free tickets for tomorrow night and no one has reached 150 points yet. Paladin6 and David (with the small print weave) are both tied with 140 points each, so we will have a sudden death playoff tonight to see who gets the tickets.

(I can leave them at will call tomorrow morning and the winner can pick them up anytime before game time or we can make other arrangements.)

There are four games scheduled in the NHL tonight. Both of you, (just Paladin and David), guess how many total goals will be scored including all the games, and the closest one will win. In case of a tie, also tell me the official clock time when the very first goal is scored. The one closest to the actual time breaks the tie.

Your posts must be in before 7:30 eastern tonight. If neither of you participate, then Andrea with 130 points will win because she is next in line. Good luck.