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Fantasy Season Starts Tonight

Fantasy season starts tonight and you know what that means?  The NHL is facing off for real!

A couple of good match ups are featured right off the bat. 

Remember the Washington fans who came here and informed us about how easy it was for the Canes to beat number one seeded Boston in seven games last postseason? Tonight, they will get a first hand taste of exactly how "easy" the Bruins are as the Caps visit Beantown to take on Boston.  It should be a good one.    

North of the border, it's brother against brother and cousin against cousin as the Maple Leafs host Montreal.

Out west, Vancouver visits Calgary and Dany Heatley's new team, the San Jose Sharks will invade Colorado.  The fun starts tonight.

One little tidbit:  Someone recently sent me an email and said that on the "War Room" today on XM Radio's Home Ice, they predicted that the Canes would win the Cup.   Interesting.

Speaking of fantasy hockey, I'd like to quickly thank everyone who is participating in the Canes Country leagues.  I originally started an "A" league and was going to also have a "rookie" league.  But that quickly evolved into 63 teams and five leagues.  Have a gander at some of the creative team names:

Canes Country Invitation East

  1. Raleigh River Rats
  2. Kakalaki Krushers
  3. BlueDevils
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. Primeaudonnas
  6. San Diego Wardos
  7. Max Power
  8. Andrew's Hacks
  9. Bubba's Bruisers
  10. I Dominate!
  11. Justin's Crew
  12. lo traigo siempe
  13. The Ice Hogs

Canes Country Invitation

  1. Sylva Smoke
  2. smell the laroses
  3. Carolina Canes
  4. The Crease Greasers
  5. Gale Force Slap Shot
  6. Old School Puckheads
  7. Pittsburgh Caniac
  8. Yes We Cam!!
  9. 233 Ruutu
  10. Bubba's Bruisers
  11. Direct Damage
  12. statefan 24
  13. wnchockey
  14. Pal's misplaced Rage

Canes Country Rookie League

  1. Slapshot Sharks
  2. Fellas with Helmets
  3. Red Ice
  4. Nasty Mfers
  5. Marauders3
  6. canesfan
  7. Evil's Twins
  8. Garfield
  9. HboroCanes
  10. team FTW
  11. Ruu Power
  12. Oakland Seals
  13. Inebriated Scholars
  14. Bubba's Bruisers
  15. Concrete Skates
  16. the little girls

Canes Country A League

  1. Lasers Go Pew Pew
  2. #6 in your programs
  3. C-Leaguers
  4. Briney's Boys
  5. Raleigh Alers
  6. Garfield's Heroes
  7. Bandaleros
  8. Let's go Canes baby!
  9. Tiger Team
  10. Skunk
  11. Bubba's Bruisers
  12. Blades of Glory
  13. HaTrix
  14. Buckets of Blood

Canes Country Challenge 2

  1. CC Orangemen
  2. 20 cent
  3. Babchuk OG
  4. Cory in 08-09!
  5. Fourth Line Grunts
  6. Ice Ice Baby

Good luck to everyone and keep your heads up!