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The Return of "Canes Country Points"

Last year we ran a set of contests in which readers could guess if certain Canes would shoot, score, or get a penalty first for selected games.  Some lucky folk won tickets to games and other prizes for guessing correctly and for earning the most points.    I hesitated to do this again this year because it is very time consuming to tabulate the totals after each game and to keep an ongoing tally of point totals.  

But thanks to the efforts of our friends over at Pension Plan Puppets, there is a new, easy way to keep track of this.  A programmer has created a site, "Pick SPG" (shot, penalty, goal).  We can now sign up over there, make our picks, and the program will keep track of the results and totals.  You can also compare your totals with those of fans from other teams who are participating.     

It's a pretty cool idea and we are very pleased that we were invited to participate.

Canes Country will be providing prizes again, (yet to be determined), so if you would like to give it a shot this year, head on over to SPG, create a user name, (hopefully the same one you use here at Canes Country, so we can tell who you are), and make your selections.  When you sign up, make sure you select the Hurricanes as your team so you get to pick from the correct roster.

Any questions?  Just let us know. 

We will announce the prize structure, how often we will distribute the prizes, and what the prizes will be within the next couple of weeks.  Good Luck!