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Carolina Tickets Still a Great Deal Compared to Rest of NHL

The Hurricanes have created a family atmosphere at the RBC and might have more youth in the stands than any other venue in the NHL. (photo by LTD)

Team Marketing Report has just released their annual comparison of NHL ticket prices along with their trademarked Fan Cost Index for attending hockey games.  According to the most recent report, attending a Carolina Hurricanes game remains one of the best deals in the league.

Season ticket prices did not increase for the 2009-10 season and ticket holders had the option to lock up their current prices for three years if they renewed on time over the offseason.  According to the Director of Ticket Sales, Kyle Prairie, who was recently interviewed on NBC 17, the Canes have a higher season ticket holder base this season than they had last year.   That is pretty surprising considering the bad economy, but it seems fans are recognizing the good value and they are taking advantage of it if they are able to. 

According to the TMR report, the average ticket price for a Hurricanes game was sixth lowest in the league. But if you include the pricing for parking, hotdogs, beer, and other typical expenses included in the Cost Index, the Canes are fifth lowest.  The club did increase their ancillary prices by 5.1%

Avg Pct. Avg Prem. FC Pct.
Ticket Change Ticket Index Change
NHL Average  $    51.41 1.0%  $      118.63  $  301.00 1.7%
Florida  $    48.76 -7.3%  $         89.47  $  295.04 -4.7%
Washington  $    44.75 7.4%  $      132.02  $  284.00 16.1%
Atlanta  $    48.51 0.0%  $      107.75  $  282.04 7.5%
Carolina  $    38.38 0.0%  $         75.98  $  239.04 5.1%
St. Louis  $    37.90 4.2%  $      121.68  $  234.61 7.1%
Buffalo  $    36.43 0.0%  $         76.05  $  223.72 5.0%
Phoenix  $    37.45 0.0%  $      129.23  $  221.80 0.0%
Tampa Bay  $    35.76 -16.5%  $         69.34  $  221.04 -12.4%


In the chart above, I included all the southeastern teams as well as the others which are ranker lower than the Canes.

It's interesting to see how some markets have increased prices while some have lowered them.  Tampa Bay reduced their pricing structure substantially.  This was once a proud franchise which used to sell out every game.  Now they have the cheapest tickets in the league.

Washington is taking advantage of their new-found popularity with an across the board increase.  Of course their team salary expense is higher than it used to be as well. 

Buffalo remains as one of the cheapest tickets in the league which is somewhat surprising for a northern market with tradition and generations of fans.

It's certainly expensive to watch NHL hockey live, but things could be worse Caniacs. 

(glove-tap to Puck Daddy for the heads-up on this report)