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Manny Legace's Tribute Mask

Manny Legace's new mask airbrushed by <a href="" target="new">Eye Candy Air.</a> (click for full view)
Manny Legace's new mask airbrushed by Eye Candy Air. (click for full view)

Gone is the old, all white, generic mask that Manny Legace used to wear.  Now he dons a sporty, Hurricanes centric mask freshly brushed by Eye Candy Air's own Steve Nash.  Our friends at Eye Candy Air recently emailed me a photo of the mask and it is a beauty. 

As you can see, there are plenty of flags displayed, along with the Marines lifting a Hurricanes logo flag on the top.  He also has tribute to retired players Ron Francis and Glen Wesley on one side and honored players Steve Chiasson and Gordie Howe on the other.

Looks like Manny is planning on sticking around awhile. 

(glove tap to Steph for the info)