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A Horse With No Name

Bob....Bubba....Bub....Bobby....Bibby....Rob....Robbie....Robert..... and even Junior, I have had a lot of nicknames throughout my life.  When I first started writing the blog, of course I used Bubba, but decided to change that a couple of months ago in an attempt to give the site a more professional image. 

When thinking about the name change, my parents suggested the pseudonym, "Harwood" because it was a family name and it was special to them.  We all try to please our parents if we can, right?

As the readership of this site continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and as we are linked from more and more major news sources such as,,,, and others, it's become evident that the use of another prominent person's name in the sport was probably not a good thing to do. 

So with all due respect to Bob Harwood of Versus, I am adding another family name to my pen name, (with continued support from the parents), and we will take it from there.  Thank you all for your loyal support.