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Cam Ward and Mike Murphy Get New Lids

Cam Ward's new mask courtesy of LTD.

When Cam Ward returns to action, (which is now projected to be December 9 in New Jersey), he will be donning a sparkly new mask, again airbrushed by Steve Nash of Eyecandy Air.

click here for another photo

Here is a description from Steph, at Eyecandy Air.

"Here's Cams new mask, it is similar to his old one but the design is evolving and has some changes- a white base,  no lightning bolts, whipping the canes symbol at the opponent ...things only a connoisseur would notice  ;  )"

Look for more pics of his mask coming up soon.

Steph also informed me that their company is brushing Mike Murphy's lids as well.  Murphy just got a new platinum/chrome beauty himself.

Here is a brief description:

"...he received it just before Thanksgiving.  Pictures don't do it justice...the silver you see is a shiny mirror chrome, it has a very jewel like appearance to it."

Mike Murphy's mask.

Murphy shows his mask in his latest You Tube mailbag video.  Also, find out who the funniest Rat is.