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Jussi Jokinen Olympic Snub: Mind Boggling

Congratulations goes to Tuomo Ruutu and Joni Pitkanen for being selected to represent their country in the 2010 Winter Olympics.  This morning's announcement to include them on Team Finland was both well deserved and expected.

But what happened to Jussi Jokinen?  You know "The Juice", the guy who has the best shootout record in the entire NHL?  The player who currently leads the Hurricanes in goals as well as game winning goals?  The versatile forward who many here have been calling "Mr. Clutch" since his standout performance in last year's playoffs?

It is extremely short-sighted, if not down right stupid to leave him off a squad that includes players like Niko Kapanen, Ville Peltonen, and Jarkko Immonen, players who can not even make an NHL roster right now.  

Even with all due respect to Tuomo's older brother Jarkko Ruutu, one has to scratch their head after comparing stats at the overlooking of Jokinen.   Perhaps the braintrust behind Team Finland is not looking at "what have you done for me lately"?  Maybe they are looking at lifetime stats.  Let's compare:



NHL Lifetime Stats: Games Goals Assists Points Points
Played per
Jussi Jokinen 344 65 132 197 0.57
Jarkko Ruutu 536 50 67 117 0.22
Jarkko Immonen 20 3 5 8 0.40
Ville Peltonen 382 52 96 148 0.39
Niko Kapanen 397 36 90 126 0.32


So far this year in the KHL, Immonen has 8 goals and 27 points in 38 games played,  Kapanen has 10 goals and 20 points also in 38 games, and Peltonen has 3 goals and 16 points in 34 games. 

Jokinen has 11 goals and 25 points in 38 games. 

One has to wonder what Team Finland coach Jukka Jalonen is thinking?  Apparently, scoring is not a concern for him.